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  • How to build custom blocks in your WordPress theme

    If you’re just getting into block development, deciding where to build your custom blocks can be confusing. Much of the documentation from suggests using a plugin, but in the past you probably stored reusable components directly in your theme. In this blog post, I’ll break down why you probably want to store your custom…

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  • How to easily set up Webpack for a WordPress theme with 10up-toolkit

    In a modern WordPress theme (or any frontend project) one of your first steps is setting up tooling. There are numerous tools to use, but if you’ve done this before you probably have used (or heard of) Webpack. If you haven’t, I’ll explain below. In this article, I’ll show you how you can easily leverage…

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  • Add autocomplete to your theme.json file

    The functionality of theme.json has been constantly expanding since the feature was introduced in WordPress version 5.8. This means there are always new things being added, but that also means there’s a whole lot to remember! In this post, we’ll talk about a one-line solution to add autocomplete and hinting to your WordPress theme’s theme.json…

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  • How Alignments Work in Gutenberg

    Alignments are a key concept that helps you create dynamic blocks with varying container sizes. In this blog post, I break down how alignments work in Gutenberg and share some tips you can use to leverage this capability to write more maintainable themes and build unique interfaces quickly. What is an alignment? Alignments are roughly…

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